My Favorite Travel Inspiring Chick-Flicks

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I love watching movies. To me, it’s just like reading a good book. I love connecting with the characters and a lot of the time I feel myself living vicariously through the characters. Lately, since starting this blog and beginning to kind of plan my travels that will be starting later this year, I have been on a travel-movie kick. Before we begin, I should[...]

The Hidden Beauty of the Midwest

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If you’ve ever listened to an American country music song, you’ve probably heard about the idealistic and simple lifestyle of small towns in the Midwest. People who come from these small towns insist upon how wonderful it is to grow up outside of a major metropolitan area, preferring small town boutiques and personal businesses to huge malls and departme[...]

Why Everyone Should Study Abroad

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My older brother, Mitch, graduated college right before I graduated high school. When I asked him if there was any advice he could give me about college, he told me his biggest regret was not studying abroad. Most universities provide an unparalleled amount of support for study abroad programs. I knew before my first day at Mizzou that I would do everything[...]